Microsoft Security Essentials vs Panda Cloud Antivirus

Microsof has finally released Microsoft Security Essentials on September 29th 2009. It is now the version 1.0.1611.0. The last time I had used the beta version, I did not like the product. I started using Panda Cloud Antivirus, which is far better as compared to MSE or Microsoft Security Essentials.

I installed MSE on a system with 4 GB RAM and 2.66 GHz C2D processor. However, the installation took more than 5 minutes. Panda on the same system took less than a minute. There is also a dramatic difference between the performance of these two antivirus appications. I started the scan with the MSE and it kept on going on and on for many hours and I finally interrupted the scan. Panda on the other hand, took less than an hour to finish the scan of the entire system. When I was installing MSE on my system, Panda was already there. However, MSE reported my system to be vulnerable, which I assume means that there is no antivirus or something like this.

Another area where Panda overpowers MSE is that you do not have to download any updates. Whenever Panda gets the Internet connectivity, it automatically updates itself and stores the updates in the local cache, which are used when there is no Internet connectivity. MSE, even though Microsoft stated that it will automatically update itself, I did not find it doing so – with the final build I will wait and watch but beta version had this problem. Another discovery that I made with the beta version was that on two different systems with the same build, two different updates had happened. Both the updates were stamped with two dfferent dates. I reported this case to Microsoft Connect in July and they still have not responded to this query.

The only area where I believe MSE will overpower Panda for the time being is that it will work on Windows 7. Panda still lacks the support for Windows 7, which I assume will soon come. I am just waiting for that time…MSE will soon move out of my system…

Download and test them yourself:

MSE Download

Cloud Antivirus Download

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